Maricopa County, AZ
*PRIORITY VIOLATION is a major violation that directly contributes to increasing the risk of foodborne illness or injury.
NA means not available. See detailed inspection reports for additional information.
Priority Violation *
Cutting Edge Participant

Violation Description

Violation Comments

Correct By
Hands clean & properly washed
PRIORITY VIOLATION-2-301.11, P: Clean condition-Hands and Arms----male staff using same gloves to clean the prep table, washing dishes then continue on wrapping cheese rolls without changing gloves and washing hands in between ---addressed health code with on site manager---employee had been instructed to discontinue this practice upon inspection. PRIORITY VIOLATION-2-301.12, P: Cleaning Procedure----same male employee was requested to wash hands and was observed rubbing hands with soap under running water before rinse off---addressed health risk with on-site manager---employee was educated and trained by kitchen manager upon inspection. This is a 2nd time noted violation on routine inspection. ---please be advised, non-compliant health code violation may lead to legal action taken by department.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Food-contact surfaces: cleaned & sanitized
PRIORITY VIOLATION-4-501.114, P: Manual and Mechanical Warewashing Equipment, Chemical Sanitization- Temperature, pH, Concentration and Hardness---zero chlorine concentration residual noted in the final rinse of the auto dish washing machine due to chlorine bucket was empty---on-site manager had called on for sanitizer supply be delivered---will returned for follow up.
Correct Prior To Reinspection
Proper cold holding temperatures
PRIORITY VIOLATION-3-501.16(A)(2) and (B), P: Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food, Cold Holding----chicken batter mix was temped at 54 degree F. inside line refrigerator---this is may be the case of allowing the mixture to be at room temperature causing the internal temperature to rise above 41 degree F before returning back into the refrigerator---please discontinue this practice---recommended to submerge mixture in 2 parts of ice and 1 part of water if left out of cold unit during rush hours. Mixture had been discarded at time of inspection.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Toxic substances properly identified, stored, and used
PRIORITY VIOLATION-7-206.11, P: Restricted Use Pesticides, Criteria----one can of Hot Shot Ants Roaches spray can on premises---only bonded and license pest control company is allowed for pest elimination control---manager discarded the can of Hot Shot upon inspection.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Personal cleanliness
Core-2-304.11 , C: Clean Condition-Outer Clothing----aprons were noted too stainful, an indication of wiping hands on it---please keep apron clean as much as possible.
In-use utensils: properly used
Core-3-304.12 , C: In-Use Utensils, Between-Use Storage---in use knife stuck between 2 pieces of equipment at the line---addressed health code---manager removed knife upon inspection.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Gloves used properly
Core-MCEHC Chap. 8, Sec. 2, Reg. 5 (a)-(c), C: Gloves, Use Limitations----a male staff in the back using same gloves for multi tasks: cleaning, washing dishes sweeping floor etc....addressed health risk with on site manager---practice discontinue upon inspection.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Inspection Comments

This establishment is not participating in the award program at this time and had 5 Priority, 0 Priority Foundation and 3 Core Violations on this inspection. Re-Inspection to follow up with the auto dish washing machine has been scheduled Tuesday at 11am. No county legal action will result from this inspection visit.

Priority violation is a major violation that directly contributes to increasing the risk of foodborne illness or injury.
e.g. - Food employees do not properly wash hands when required
Priority foundation violation is a minor violation that does not directly contribute to an increased risk of foodborne illness but failure to correct this violation may lead to the occurrence of a priority violation.
e.g.- Hand washing soap and paper towels not available at hand wash sink (may lead directly to food employees not properly washing hands when required)
Core violation is a minor violation that relates to general maintenance and sanitation.
e.g. -No sign reminding employees to wash hands
Verification Visits are inspections of establishments enrolled in the MCESD Cutting Edge Program, which requires an enhanced food safety program and ongoing demonstration of active managerial control. Verification Visit inspections found in compliance with Cutting Edge program requirements receive an “A” grade.
The matrix below has been used to grade food inspections under the voluntary grading system starting on October 14, 2011.