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Federico's Mexican Food

Permit ID: FD-38478

Permit Type: E & D

6680 W Peoria Ave Glendale 85302

*PRIORITY VIOLATION is a major violation that directly contributes to increasing the risk of foodborne illness or injury.
NA means not available. See detailed inspection reports for additional information.

Priority Violation *
Cutting Edge Participant
Violation Description
Violation Comments
Correct By
Proper eating, tasting, drinking, or tobacco use
Core-2-401.11, C: Eating, Drinking, or Using Tobacco Observed half-eaten plate of food, that was employee's lunch, on top of prep table next to where tomatoes were being chopped. Employee discarded food and cleaned area at time of inspection. Reviewed that all employee food should be consumed outside of the kitchen with PIC.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
No bare hand contact with RTE foods or approved alternate method properly followed
PRIORITY VIOLATION-3-301.11, P: Preventing Contamination from Hands; Bare Hand Contact with Ready to Eat Foods Observed employee chopping tomatoes while not wearing gloves. It was determined that these chopped tomatoes were in a ready to eat form and were going to be added to guacamole. Had employee discard the tomato that was observed being bare hand contacted. Reviewed proper glove/utensil use to prevent bare hand contact with ready to eat foods.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Food separated & protected
PRIORITY VIOLATION-3-302.11 (A1-2), P: Packaged and Unpackaged Food-Separation, Packaging, and Segregation; Protection From Cross Contamination Observed container of diced raw chicken being stored above raw beef in walk-in cooler. Also observed ready to eat, fully cooked deli ham being stored in same container as raw chorizo(ground beef and ground pork mix). Had PIC move raw chicken to separate area with other raw chicken and move deli ham to separate area with other ready to eat foods. Reviewed proper food separation and and segregation to prevent cross contamination with PIC.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Proper cold holding temperatures
PRIORITY VIOLATION-3-501.16(A)(2) and (B), P: Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food, Cold Holding Observed large container of red salsa next to prep table that was set up for filling individual salsa cups to have internal temperature of 62F. There was no-one working at this station when inspector arrived. PIC stated that the item was brought out about 35 minutes earlier so that an employee can fill salsa cups. Had PIC place salsa in smaller containers and into the walk-in cooler where they began to obtain and maintain an internal temperature of 41F. Reviewed proper cold holding temperature of 41F with PIC.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Inspection Comments

This establishment received an D Grade and had 3 Priority, 0 Priority Foundation and 1 Core violations on this inspection. No County legal action will result from this inspection. A pattern of non-compliance is developing for Priority violation # 20, 3-501.16(A)(2), which has been noted during this inspection. An Active Managerial Control Intervention Visit was offered to the person in charge. Failure to correct repeat violations may result in legal action.


Priority violation is a major violation that directly contributes to increasing the risk of foodborne illness or injury.

e.g. - Food employees do not properly wash hands when required

Priority foundation violation is a minor violation that does not directly contribute to an increased risk of foodborne illness but failure to correct this violation may lead to the occurrence of a priority violation.

e.g.- Hand washing soap and paper towels not available at hand wash sink (may lead directly to food employees not properly washing hands when required)

Core violation is a minor violation that relates to general maintenance and sanitation.

e.g. -No sign reminding employees to wash hands

Verification Visits are inspections of establishments enrolled in the MCESD Cutting Edge Program, which requires an enhanced food safety program and ongoing demonstration of active managerial control. Verification Visit inspections found in compliance with Cutting Edge program requirements receive an “A” grade.

The matrix below has been used to grade food inspections under the voluntary grading system starting on October 14, 2011.

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