Maricopa County, AZ

Pitic Restaurant

Permit ID: FD-00967

Permit Type: E & D

1580 E Pima St Suite 108 Phoenix 85034

*PRIORITY VIOLATION is a major violation that directly contributes to increasing the risk of foodborne illness or injury.
NA means not available. See detailed inspection reports for additional information.
Priority Violation *
Cutting Edge Participant

Violation Description

Violation Comments

Correct By
Hands clean & properly washed
PRIORITY VIOLATION-2-301.12, P: Cleaning Procedure - Observed employee handling raw beef products thawing in sink then washing hands with only a 3 second lather before rinsing. Employee did do a second lather but was also very brief, about 2 seconds, before rinsing. Instructed employee that lather should be between 10-15 seconds prior to rinsing. Employee properly re-washed hands and put on gloves before continuing work. Please ensure hands are washed properly, especially after handling raw food products. ***2nd Repeat*** PRIORITY VIOLATION-2-301.14, P: When to Wash - Employee cracked egg on to flat top stove and continued handling food items such as corn tortillas without washing hands or changing gloves. Instructed employee that a raw shelled egg is considered a raw food item and requires a hand wash and glove change before handling ready-to-eat food items. Employee discarded tortillas, washed hands and put on new gloves before continuing to work. Employee cleaning dishes in ware wash area working with dirty dishes then handled clean dishes from the dish machine without washing hands first. PIC had employee re-wash the dishes that came out of the machine and instructed them that a hand wash is required between handling of dirty and clean dishes/food contact equipment. Ensure proper hand washing occurs when required.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Required records available; shell stock tags, parasite destruction
Priority Foundation-3-402.12, Pf: Records, Creation, & Retention; Raw as Ready-to-Eat Fish - PIC unable to provide documentation showing parasite destruction/prevention for raw shrimp used in ceviche. PIC stated the shrimp are farmed raised. Receipt for shrimp does show they are farmed raised but does not state they are fed a parasite free pellet diet. Please provide required documentation showing the shrimp are kept parasite free prior to re-inspection within 10 days.
Correct Prior To Reinspection
Proper cooling time & temperatures
PRIORITY VIOLATION-3-501.14, P: Cooling - Machaca shredded beef in walk-in cooler at 50-54*F. PIC stated the beef had been cooling since last night in the walk-in. PIC discarded the beef. Please ensure proper cooling time frames are met when cooling TCS foods. Please refer to provided cooling chart as needed.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Proper cold holding temperatures
PRIORITY VIOLATION-3-501.16(A)(2) and (B), P: Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food, Cold Holding - Horchata made with condensed milk in small glass-front cooler near registered at 46-48*F. PIC stated the horchata was in the cooler since yesterday and has not been removed from the cooler at all. PIC discarded the horchata. Other TCS food items in the cooler such as creamer were at 39*F and were placed farther back in the cooler. PIC will not keep items on front level of cooler until they know it is working properly. Please ensure all cold held TCS food items are maintained at 41*F or below.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Proper date marking & disposition
Priority Foundation-3-501.17, Pf: Ready-To-Eat Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food - Date Marking - Multiple TCS food items such as tacos found in prep top cooler near stove with date marks of 7/12 - 7/19. Discussed proper date marking and disposition requirements. PIC stated the date marks were incorrect because they actually froze all the TCS food items and had just thawed them out earlier today. Provided date marking requirement handout. Please ensure proper date marking is used for TCS food items.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Consumer advisory provided for raw or undercooked foods
Priority Foundation-3-603.11, Pf: Consumption of Animal Foods that are Raw, Undercooked, or Not Otherwise Processed to Eliminate Pathogens - Menu contains items that may be under cooked without asterisks denoting increased risk of foodborne illness. PIC stated all items containing egg on the menu will need the asterisk and also the Mexican/Regular hamburgers. PIC had all menus updated with asterisks during inspection.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Toxic substances properly identified, stored, and used
PRIORITY VIOLATION-7-201.11, P: Separation-Storage - Chlorine sanitizer over 200 ppm in a spray bottle kept in ware wash sink with other dishes and food contact equipment. PIC discarded the sanitizer. Please ensure chemicals are stored below food contact equipment and food items. Also when creating chlorine sanitizers, please ensure concentration is between 50-100 ppm and that the container is properly labeled.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Inspection Comments

This establishment received a D Grade and had 5 Priority, 3 Priority Foundation and 0 Core violations on this inspection. A pattern of non-compliance is developing for Priority violation # 6, 2-301.12, which has been noted during this inspection. An Active Managerial Control Intervention Visit was offered to the person in charge. Failure to correct repeat violations may result in legal action. Inspection conducted with RS 1119 No County legal action will result from this inspection.

Priority violation is a major violation that directly contributes to increasing the risk of foodborne illness or injury.
e.g. - Food employees do not properly wash hands when required
Priority foundation violation is a minor violation that does not directly contribute to an increased risk of foodborne illness but failure to correct this violation may lead to the occurrence of a priority violation.
e.g.- Hand washing soap and paper towels not available at hand wash sink (may lead directly to food employees not properly washing hands when required)
Core violation is a minor violation that relates to general maintenance and sanitation.
e.g. -No sign reminding employees to wash hands
Verification Visits are inspections of establishments enrolled in the MCESD Cutting Edge Program, which requires an enhanced food safety program and ongoing demonstration of active managerial control. Verification Visit inspections found in compliance with Cutting Edge program requirements receive an “A” grade.
The matrix below has been used to grade food inspections under the voluntary grading system starting on October 14, 2011.