Maricopa County, AZ

Bosa Donuts

Permit ID: FD-19073

Permit Type: E & D

3722 E Indian School Rd Phoenix 85018

*PRIORITY VIOLATION is a major violation that directly contributes to increasing the risk of foodborne illness or injury.
NA means not available. See detailed inspection reports for additional information.
Priority Violation *
Cutting Edge Participant

Violation Description

Violation Comments

Correct By
Certification by accredited program, compliance with Code, or correct responses
Priority Foundation-2-102.11(A), B) and (C)(1), (4)-(16), Pf: Demonstration; Demonstration of Knowledge -- A priority violation has occurred. No certified food manager documentation is present at the establishment. A certified food manager must be employed by the establishment. The establishment must obtain a food manager's certification within 90 days.
Correct Prior To Next Routine Inspection
Hands clean & properly washed
PRIORITY VIOLATION-2-301.14, P: When to Wash -- Observed an employee take customer money and touch the inside of a single-service bag for doughnuts before with unwashed and ungloved hands. Employees must wash hands between tasks, such as handling customer money and handling food service equipment. The employee was asked to wash hands to reduce the risk of contamination. Priority Foundation-2-301.15, Pf: Where to Wash -- Observed an employee wash their hands in a prep sink. Prep sinks may not be used to wash hands; only handwashing sinks may be used for handwashing. The employee washed their hands in the handwashing sink.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Adequate hand washing facilities supplied & accessible
Priority Foundation-5-205.11, Pf: Using a Handwashing Sink-Operation and Maintenance -- handwashing sink near the refrigerators was blocked by a rolling cooling rack. Handwashing sinks must be free and readily accessible at all times, and may not be blocked by any items. The cart was removed from in front of the sink. Priority Foundation-6-301.12, Pf: Hand Drying Provision -- Handwashing sink in the back kitchen near the three compartment sink had no paper towels or any other effective means of hand drying. All handwashing sinks must be stocked with an appropriate hand drying mechanism such as disposable paper towels. The person in charge stocked the sink with paper towels.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Food-contact surfaces: cleaned & sanitized
PRIORITY VIOLATION-4-702.11, P: Cleaned and Sanitized Before Use After Cleaning -- Observed employee wash and rinse a dish in the prep sink before moving the dish to be used in food service. Dishes must be washed, rinsed, and sanitized in the three compartment sink; proper sanitization must occur after a dish has been washed and before it is used. Dishes must be air dried before returning to use. The prep sink may not be used to wash dishes. The contaminated dish was moved to the three compartment sink to be rewashed.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Proper cold holding temperatures
PRIORITY VIOLATION-3-501.16(A)(2) and (B), P: Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food, Cold Holding -- Cooked boba was left on the counter out of temperature control with an internal temperature of 71*F. The person in charge stated that the boba had been left out since the night before. Self service half-and-half creamer was left on a counter with an internal temperature of 53*F. An employee stated the creamer had been out of temperature control for more than 2 hours. Temperature sensitive items must be held at or below 41*F. The boba and creamer were voluntarily discarded.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Toxic substances properly identified, stored, and used
PRIORITY VIOLATION-7-204.11, P: Sanitizers, Criteria-Chemicals -- Sanitizer bucket in food prep area and in three compartment sink had chlorine concentrations of 200+ ppm. Sanitizer must be maintained between 50-100 ppm to ensure food safety. The buckets were dumped and remade.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Gloves used properly
Core-MCEHC Chap. 8, Sec. 2, Reg. 5 (a)-(c), C: Gloves, Use Limitations -- Observed an employee remove a single service glove and then put the same glove back on. After removal gloves must be discarded and cannot be reused. The employee disposed of the gloves and washed their hands before returning to food service.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Inspection Comments

This establishment received a(n) D Grade and had 4 Priority, 4 Priority Foundation and 1 Core violations on this inspection. Due to the violations noted on this inspection report, County legal action may result from this inspection. A pattern of non-compliance for Priority violation # 20, [3-501.16(A)(2) and (B)] has been noted during this inspection. The owner signed up for the active managerial control class on August 28 AMC Class English: Tue., 08/28/2018 2:00pm - 4:00pm MST Location: 106 E Baseline Rd, Mesa, AZ

Priority violation is a major violation that directly contributes to increasing the risk of foodborne illness or injury.
e.g. - Food employees do not properly wash hands when required
Priority foundation violation is a minor violation that does not directly contribute to an increased risk of foodborne illness but failure to correct this violation may lead to the occurrence of a priority violation.
e.g.- Hand washing soap and paper towels not available at hand wash sink (may lead directly to food employees not properly washing hands when required)
Core violation is a minor violation that relates to general maintenance and sanitation.
e.g. -No sign reminding employees to wash hands
Verification Visits are inspections of establishments enrolled in the MCESD Cutting Edge Program, which requires an enhanced food safety program and ongoing demonstration of active managerial control. Verification Visit inspections found in compliance with Cutting Edge program requirements receive an “A” grade.
The matrix below has been used to grade food inspections under the voluntary grading system starting on October 14, 2011.