Maricopa County, AZ

Avista Senior Living

Permit ID: FD-23500

Permit Type: Assisted Living

248 N Macdonald Mesa 85201

*PRIORITY VIOLATION is a major violation that directly contributes to increasing the risk of foodborne illness or injury.
NA means not available. See detailed inspection reports for additional information.
Priority Violation *
Cutting Edge Participant

Violation Description

Violation Comments

Correct By
Hands clean & properly washed
PRIORITY VIOLATION-2-301.14, P: When to Wash---An employee was handling dirty dishes and proceeded to put away clean dishes away without properly washing hands in between. The person in charge was notified of the issue and the employee was sent to wash hands again. Employees must wash their hands after any activity which may result in contamination of the hands this includes handling raw meats, touching bare human body parts (except arms), coughing or sneezing, using the toilet, and handling dirty equipment or utensils. Switching gloves only is not sufficient. A when to wash hands handout was given to the person in charge.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
No bare hand contact with RTE foods or approved alternate method properly followed
PRIORITY VIOLATION-3-301.11, P: Preventing Contamination from Hands; Bare Hand Contact with Ready to Eat Foods...An employee was making a sandwich using bare hands (no gloves). Spoke to employee and person in charge (PIC) about bare-hand contact. PIC had employee put on gloves at time of inspection. Bare-hands contact with ready-to-eat foods in this establishment is not allowed. Please wear gloves when handling ready-to-eat foods.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Proper date marking & disposition
PRIORITY VIOLATION-3-501.18, P: Ready-To-Eat(RTE) Time/Temperature Control for Safety(TCS) Food - Disposition...An opened package of deli roast beef date marked 11/02/18 was found on the sandwich assembly area and bologna dated 10/11/18 was in the open top reach-in refrigerator. Food items were held for more than 7 days without disposing. Person in charge discarded food items at the time of inspection. Please ensure RTE/TCS food items are not kept for more than 7 days in the refrigerator after being opened/prepared/cut/cooked. Provided date marking educational sticker to person in charge.
Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Physical facilities installed, maintained, & clean
Core-6-201.13, C: Floor and Wall Junctures, Coved, and Enclosed or Sealed---The cove base is broken/disrepair in the back area along the 3-compartment sink/washing machine as well as behind the steam table. The person in charge (PIC) was showed which areas need to be repairs. Please make proper repairs prior to next routine inspection. Per FDA Food Code 2013 "When cleaning is accomplished by spraying or flushing, coving and sealing of the floor/wall junctures is required to provide a surface that is conducive to water flushing. Grading of the floor to drain allows liquid wastes to be quickly carried away, thereby preventing pooling which could attract pests such as insects and rodents or contribute to problems with certain pathogens such as Listeria monocytogenes"
Correct Prior To Next Routine Inspection
Inspection Comments

This establishment received a(n) D Grade and had 3 Priority, 0 Priority Foundation and 2 Core violations on this inspection. No County legal action will result from this inspection. Core-2-102.12(A), C: Certified Food Protection Manager (CFM): The CFM card expired at the beginning of the year. PIC has already scheduled to take the exam next month. Please have CFM prior to next routine inspection. Of note: Reviewed and provided Employee Health & Hygiene book as well as Form 1B. Discussed outdoor cooking operations with PIC. Inspection conducted with RS 871.

Priority violation is a major violation that directly contributes to increasing the risk of foodborne illness or injury.
e.g. - Food employees do not properly wash hands when required
Priority foundation violation is a minor violation that does not directly contribute to an increased risk of foodborne illness but failure to correct this violation may lead to the occurrence of a priority violation.
e.g.- Hand washing soap and paper towels not available at hand wash sink (may lead directly to food employees not properly washing hands when required)
Core violation is a minor violation that relates to general maintenance and sanitation.
e.g. -No sign reminding employees to wash hands
Verification Visits are inspections of establishments enrolled in the MCESD Cutting Edge Program, which requires an enhanced food safety program and ongoing demonstration of active managerial control. Verification Visit inspections found in compliance with Cutting Edge program requirements receive an “A” grade.
The matrix below has been used to grade food inspections under the voluntary grading system starting on October 14, 2011.